Cassettify is the cassette tape for internet streaming music services. Insert it into the cassette player and push the PLAY button, then you can listen to the internet streaming music like conventional cassette tapes. Inside the cassette, the WiFi chip makes a connection to the internet and starts outputting music as analog signals from the magnetic head. It is compatible with any kind of cassette player. At least a WiFi AP is available, you can play it with even portable players or car stereos.



Based on a cassette tape adapter, there is an ESP-WROOM-32E microcontroller, a LiPo battery and a battery charging module inside. In this prototype, the battery capacity is 100 mAh and it lasts about 30 minutes. You can charge the battery with a micro USB cable. Ka-Radio32 the open-source software is running on Cassettify.

カセットアダプターを改造し、内部にESP-WROOM-32Eマイコンとリチウムポリマー電池、そして充電モジュールを組み込みました。 プロトタイプでは100mAhのバッテリーを搭載しており、microUSBケーブルを挿して充電。フル充電で30-40分ほど動きます。 マイコンの上ではオープンソースのKa-Radio32というソフトが動作しています。

5th Prototype


Today we talk, read newspapers, take photos and listen to music on smartphones. Every tool or activity is going to be replaced by Apps. But if smartphones had not invented, how things could be in 2018? This work aims to imagine possible futures without smartphones and speculate about the alternative world.